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Nearly every association, charity, and nonprofit that I’ve ever worked with uses videos in some capacity.  Videos for member certification training, videos for volunteer training, videos for free, videos for sale, Learning Management System(LMS) integration, Webinars, Conferences, grass roots mobilization, advertising, member created videos, news and much more.  Videos have been in use longer than websites for organizations.  Oddly enough, video distribution on the internet can still be complicated.   Guess what?  It doesn’t have to be. 

YouTube made it easy to understand for everyone.  Upload a video from a camera and share it with the world for free.  Simple enough, but with the association industry there are usually more strings attached.  Who can upload videos?  Which videos are branded?  Which videos require membership for access?  Which videos can be purchased independently or in addition to membership?

In today’s associations, video upload and distribution is largely a business discussion – not a technology discussion.  The technology is available.  I can watch any NetFlix movie on my iPad anytime I want.  It is easy.  The business objectives of who, how, when, where, and why members, volunteers, and the public get to upload or view videos is often decision by committee.  That’s the complicated part.

As far as the technology goes, SharePoint 2010 has video streaming using Silverlight right out of the box.  Out of the box means that it requires no further configuration of any kind to get it to work!  If you are running SharePoint 2010, you can add a Media Web Part and then choose a video or upload a new video.


So who can upload videos?  Anyone that you want to grant access to upload videos.  Who can watch videos?  Anyone that you want to grant rights to the videos.  A custom authentication provider can even provide roles based upon commerce purchases, committees, groups, board members, and so on.  This means that a transaction can associate a user with the appropriate rights to watch a video.  This role can be associated with the user immediately upon purchase and could last an hour, a day, a week, or forever. 

SharePoint 2010 video streaming is very, very good.  It is easy to upload a video.  It is easy to drop the video web part on any page and embed video directly on the page.  However, some organizations provide a tremendous amount of video distribution and want it all private, controlled, and want detailed analytics on it – specifically how to MONETIZE the video services.  Microsoft has you covered as well with IIS Media Services.   IIS Media Services (in its third generation) gives you unprecedented control over your media serving capabilities.  The good news is that these services can be used with your SharePoint environment.  With all of this video, all you have to worry about now is that you have the bandwidth to support your extremely popular site!

Here are some details about the capabilities available with IIS Media Services.

 Bit Rate Throttling – The Bit Rate Throttling module has compelling features for media and data delivery. For many scenarios, this feature will reduce bandwidth costs while increasing per-server capacity for concurrent download connections.

 Live Smooth Streaming – Live Smooth Streaming enables adaptive streaming of live events to Silverlight clients. Using HTTP to deliver live events takes advantage of the scale of existing HTTP networks and keeps content close to the end user and makes true HD (720p+) a reality for live Web broadcasts as well as drastically increasing live event availability.

 Smooth Streaming – Smooth Streaming enables adaptive streaming of media to Silverlight clients over HTTP. Smooth Streaming provides a high-quality viewing experience that scales massively on content distribution networks making true HD media experiences (720p+) a reality.

 Smooth Streaming Client – The IIS Smooth Streaming Client Development Kit allows you to build rich Silverlight user experiences that take full advantage of IIS live and on-demand Smooth Streaming capabilities.

 Web Playlists – Web Playlists is an IIS 7.0 Extension that provides developers and hosters unprecedented control of how media content is delivered to users. Personalize content, prevent ad skipping, and monetize your assets.

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  1. Could you please explain how we actually use video streaming in SharePoint 2010.

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