Uncle Sam using SharePoint 2010 in the Amazon Cloud

While some may think that the United States Government is pretty slow to react to technology trends, there is a recent site launch that indicates otherwise.  The U.S. Department of the Treasury site is Microsoft SharePoint 2010 hosted in the cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Check out http://Treasury.gov

Seven Steps to Prepare for SharePoint 2010

Everyone loves lists.  Top 10, Top 5, 7 Habits, etc.  This is Seven Steps to PREPARE for SharePoint 2010.  There are a few lists regarding how to prepare for SharePoint 2010 out there, but all of the ones I’ve seen are for IT users.  It will include everything from SP2, Cumulative Updates, stsadm preupgradecheck, upgrading… Continue reading Seven Steps to Prepare for SharePoint 2010

Introducing Exchange Online

Today’s topic is Microsoft Exchange Online. I’ve been using the Exchange Online Beta for a good while now, and it is great! I love everything from the super simple web based interface to managing accounts and settings to the fact that it includes full spam filtering and virus scanning. Exchange Online comes in two flavors… Continue reading Introducing Exchange Online

What is(are) Microsoft Online Services? And what is BPOS?

Microsoft Online Services is the hosted service offering by Microsoft. You can label this as SaaS (Software as a Service), but Microsoft actually seems to prefer S+S (Software plus Services). However you slice it, Microsoft is offering their products in several distinct flavors. First, you can get Microsoft’s server-based products on-premise. This means that you… Continue reading What is(are) Microsoft Online Services? And what is BPOS?