1. This topic is very interesting I would like to see an article on using folders and still using an effective metadata structure. Because from this it sounds like you would have one document library upload all contents into the root of that library than use views and columns to sort data. Also you would require the user to actually tag the document before it is uploaded thus building up metadata that will be beneficial to better search results with enterprise search

    Even if you elect to use folders, you should still use an effective metadata structure.

  2. I agree that good taxonomy / semantics are even more important than setting up the correct folders.

    Would it be possible to implement row level security based on a pivot table form an other system.

    1) Items have a customer ID (lots of items in 1 list)
    2) In an external system customer ID is matched to an affiliate ID (changes regulary)
    3) Add a custom column that is filled with the lookup for the Affiliate
    4) Only Items for teh correct Affiliate are shown

    For users working on corporate level all items are visible with the possibility to filter on affiliate level.

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