SharePoint 2010 Release Candidate

Got my email this morning: Microsoft Office 2010 is pleased to announce the release of the Release Candidate build for Microsoft Office 2010 client (build 4734.1000) and server products (build 4730.1010) are now available!

That’s right, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 is now in Release Candidate. 

And now for my 2 favorite snippets from the Office team email:

Favorite Part 1:

As a valued Technical Beta participant, you play an important role in preparing Office 2010 for the rest of the world! We thank you for your continued participation, feedback, and hard work.

Favorite Part 2:

Important Information about this release: This Release Candidate is intended for testing only. There is NO "upgrade" path from this release to any future releases of Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 including the final "RTM" release. All pre-released applications will need to be uninstalled before any future releases, including the final "RTM" release, can be installed. Additionally, all data and customizations created in the beta and release candidate versions of SharePoint products will be lost when moving to the final "RTM" release of SharePoint 2010.

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