Rekindling college relationships

My wife, Kathleen, was on Facebook last night looking at everyone’s photos and status updates when she saw someone that she was good friends with in college show up in the Chat utility.  She said hello, and they chatted for a few seconds when her friend invited her up to Pittsburgh to get together, have dinner, and catch up.  Kathleen accepted the invitation immediately.

I think that most people offer empty invitations, “We should meet for dinner and catch up some time!”  Her friend was a little surprised when Kathleen accepted and offered to meet her the following day, but she then insisted that Kathleen drive up, go to dinner, and even stay overnight in her guest room.  Kathleen agreed to it and is extremely excited!  Today she was running a few errands with the kids, and it hit her that she is going to go have dinner and drinks with an old friend that she hasn’t seen in quite a few years – and then stay overnight at her house.  Needless to say, she is a little nervous now.  Very excited – but nervous.

I actually went through a similar experience a few months ago.  I found an old college friend on Facebook.  We had chatted a few times online.  I travel pretty regularly, and we decided to meet up and catch up.  We got together for a few drinks and some dinner.  Overall, it was a great time.  It was a bit bizarre, though.  She had kept in contact with so many more of our mutual friends than I have, and I spent most of the evening listening to gossip about everyone else.  I was most interested in hearing about my friend that I went to have dinner with, but she really focused on talking about everyone else.  It’s kind of funny.  When she and I first reconnected on Facebook, we had quite a few comments and posts back and forth reliving old memories.  Since we’ve met in person the Facebook friendship has faded again…

I’m very curious to see how this reconnection works out for my wife.

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