Our book is out! SharePoint for Nonprofits

Sean and I finally finished our book: SharePoint for Nonprofits: The Definitive Guide to SharePoint for your Nonprofit, Association, Charity, and .ORG.   We actually finished it during the week of Thanksgiving 2010, but I’m finally getting around to chatting about it.

There are hundreds of really great SharePoint books already out there that cover the admin and code level stuff.   This book is NOT about installing SharePoint or writing code.   SharePoint for Nonprofits provides details about leveraging specific needs of trade associations, membership societies, volunteer organizations, and other nonprofit associations, charities and .orgs; and how SharePoint might be used to satisfy some of these needs.

SharePoint for Nonprofits contains various strategy guidelines and best practices for organizations of all sizes thinking about or leveraging Microsoft’s popular SharePoint platform.  We hope that this guide will help you navigate SharePoint whether you are using it for an Intranet, extranet, community, public-facing website, or any combination thereof.

SharePoint for Nonprofits

By John Stover

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