Dell goes Streak-ing through the Quad? Come on Everybody!

Surprised me with the marketing tagline: The new Dell Streak.  More than a smartphone.  More than a tablet. 

While it’s interesting that Dell has a phone that is based on Google Android, what I actually find most interested about this is that it uses Gorilla Glass.  For those that don’t know, Corning invented Gorilla glass back in 1962 as a super strong glass.  It has pretty much sit lifeless as a product ahead of its time and didn’t have any real applications until recently.  Gorilla glass is perfect for tablets, phones, flat screen televisions because of it’s strength and durability. 

I know that Dell has been in the PDA market for years, and I also knew that the Dell super megastore has sells phones.  The Dell Streak is finally here!  Looks like you can have one for only $549.99, and only $299.99 with a 2 year contract on AT&T.  Another funny thing is that the Dell phone isn’t listed on the Dell store! 

Directly from the Dell Streak site:

Introducing the Dell Streak. The perfectly-sized, go-anywhere entertainment, social connection and navigation device.

  • Widescreen display optimally designed for mobile web, video and movies
  • Integrated social networking widgets and apps, plus tons of apps through the Android Marketplace
  • Crystal-clear damage-resistant Gorilla®  glass screen
  • Google MapsTM  with navigation and text-to-voice, turn-by-turn directions with Street View
  • Multitasking Google Android OS that give you the freedom to do what you want

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