Stay Motivated with ‘To Go Thinking’


Heidi Grant Halvorson published a great article on the Harvard Business Review called How to Become a Great Finisher. I found this article to be particularly relevant and accurate in my own life.

If we focus more on how far we have left to go, ‘To Go Thinking’, motivation is not only sustained, but it’s heightened.  However, if we focus on the how much we have accomplished so far, ‘To Date Thinking’, you actually undermine your motivation.

Manually Configure SharePoint 2010 Search Service Application Topology

What a long title for a post, right?  And with the current trend to scripting installs, why would anyone in their right mind manually configure anything in SharePoint.  The truth of the matter is that I didn’t plan on configuring the Search Topology.  In fact, this manual configuration was done as part of my poorly scripted configuration.  It is rare in my experience that learning real lessons come from planning.  The real lessons come from life not going quite as planned…

How Should I Learn SharePoint?

“I’m new to SharePoint.  I have a background in ColdFusion, HTML, Java, Ruby, C++, Photoshop, (insert previous life here), etc., and now I want to learn SharePoint.  Where should I start?”

If you are trying to learn SharePoint, even getting started can be a little intimidating.  SharePoint information is available in many forms: books, blogs, discussion boards, conferences, events, webinars, and more. With so much information available for free, where do you start?

PMP should be PiMP! Renewed my PMP!

Associations love acronyms, and the federal government likes to make acronym soup as well.  Project Managers love acronyms more than anyone, so you can imagine the acronyms floating around the association dedicated to Project Managers: the Project Management Institute (PMI).

PMI has a few certification programs (PMI-SP, PMI-RMP, PMI-PgMP), but the certification that I’ve had since 2006 is the Project Management Professional (PMP).  While much of the country may not value the PMP credential as much as they should, the PMP is highly valued around DC.

Service Pack 1 announced for SharePoint 2010, Office 2010, Project 2010, and Project Server 2010

While I’m not at TechEd Atlanta today, it’s good to see that The Microsoft Office Sustained Engineering Team announced that SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 is “on track for release at the end of June” 2011.  While I’m sure there are plenty of bug fixes included, I’m specifically interested in the following updates that are scheduled to be part of the Service Pack:

What is your take on Office 365?


I’m preparing a new series of blog posts specifically around moving to Office 365 Beta.

What questions do you have?  What specific topics would you like to read about?  Questions or comments?  Are you using 365 yet?  Are you thrilled or miserable?

AUDC 2011 is over – is next week!

Getting ready to head home from sunny Orlando after having been at Avectra’s AUDC 2011 Conference. Overall, this was a really good experience. It seems that Avectra is maturing as a software company more every year. This year there was a lot of focus on the partner environment, the product(s) roadmap, and community involvement (the User Group had a huge representation). Frankly, I was pretty amazed to see so many people and organizations already working with SharePoint 2010 (which is a good thing). While there were a lot of attendees that I spoke with that are using SharePoint in a variety of projects, there were also a lot of vendors that now implement SharePoint as well. That really speaks to the adoption of the new platform and the demand that is clearly out there. I got to see a lot of friends, colleagues, and clients, and I look forward to working with all of them this year.
Now I’m preparing for next week in Baltimore, MD. I still have a lot of work to do to prepare fot his conference, since I’m co-presenting the keynote on Tuesday morning, moderating a Business Intelligence roundtable, and also presenting two sessions. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Uncle Sam using SharePoint 2010 in the Amazon Cloud

While some may think that the United States Government is pretty slow to react to technology trends, there is a recent site launch that indicates otherwise.  The U.S. Department of the Treasury site is Microsoft SharePoint 2010 hosted in the cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Check out