FREE SharePoint 2010 Session in Chicago on July 13

I will be presenting a SharePoint 2010 session on Tuesday morning, July 13, at the Hotel Allegro in Chicago, IL.  SharePoint 2010 is poised to completely revolutionize how organizations connect people, processes, and information.  SharePoint 2010 has arrived and there are three big questions on everyone’s mind:

  1. What are the key functional improvements in SharePoint 2010?
  2. What are the immediate and practical benefits of upgrading to 2010?
  3. What are the strategies, costs, and risks of upgrading?

Join me for a FREE workshop to find out everything you need to know about SharePoint 2010.  This is not a SharePoint marketing presentation – I don’t work for Microsoft.  This is a SharePoint overview with a detailed demo of SharePoint 2010’s new features.  I’ll also be providing critical insights learned since we have already been implementing and launched solutions on SharePoint 2010.  Breakfast will be served (did I mention that this is FREE?), questions will be answered, and I will help you find out exactly what you need to know to make an informed decision about whether SharePoint 2010 is right for you.

Please note that space is limited and registrations will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis.

By John Stover

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